23 April 2017

Sunday self-portraits: Cherry blossom

It's such a lovely time of year when the cherry blossoms are out! I have two cherry trees of different types, so when the blossom on one is fading the other is just coming out - giving me a whole month of lovely blossom. The blossom on the tree in the back garden contrasts really well with the teal door on the shed.
I recently got these dungarees in the New Look sale for only £6, and they are one of my favourite pieces of clothing ever! The denim is really soft. I've hardly worn anything else outside work since I got them! And the shirt was reduced to £7.99 in H&M, so it's a very cheap outfit overall (no pun intended!).
Dungarees are a great way of showing off my rapidly-expanding collection of enamel pins and other badges! I chose some in shades of pink to match the shirt and the blossoms.

It's interesting to look back to last year's cherry blossom self-portraits, when I'd just dyed my hair black and still had braces on my teeth! I'm now letting the black fade and grow out a bit, and doing the roots in more of a reddish brown.

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