15 April 2017

Library card

My much-loved public library at the end of my street, which was one of the reasons for me buying a house where I did, closed down last month. There’s a possibility of it being run as a community concern, but that all looks a bit uncertain at the moment.
Because all the staff are moving on, either to other libraries or retirement, I wanted to make them a goodbye card.
On the side of the library is a mural showing books, tv characters, and local landmarks. I decided to base the card on this to make it really personal.
I used a photo that I’d taken of the mural, and used Photoshop to convert this to a line drawing, which I then used as a template for cutting out coloured card to match the colours of the mural.

This was one of the most fiddly cards I’ve made, with lots of little pieces, even though I did simplify the design where I could! It also had a watercolour background, which I embossed with a brick pattern.

I gave the staff the card a few weeks before the library closed, along with some chocolates (so that they would have time to eat them!).
It’s always a great feeling when a card is well-received, and the staff in the library loved it! I could hear them talking about it as I selected my library books. When I visited the library on its final day the card was up on the wall along with some other cards that had been received.

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