13 April 2017

Bunny card

My sister-in-law really likes bunnies, so I’ve had the enamel pin by SketchInc on my present-buying wishlist for a few years! I gave it to her in a little purse by doalittledance, and made this card to match. It would also make a great Easter card!
I simplified the geometric design on the bunny a bit, making it into a simple starburst effect.
1. Glue various colours of card to a backing piece of card, in a geometric design, making sure there are no gaps.
2. Draw a bunny shape on the back. You can draw this on another piece of paper first to get the shape right, then cut it out and draw round it.
3. Cut out the bunny and glue it to a card blank. You can add some gold pen for definition at the lines between the different colours of card if you like.

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