26 April 2017

Glenwood Library closure

Nineteen years ago I bought my house, and I remember at the time thinking how handy it would be for the library. My parents' house was about 2 miles away from the library, and I either had to walk or borrow my mum's car. Having the library at the end of my street was a wonderful thing, and it meant I could wander up there any evening to exchange my books, look up local history information, or pick up leaflets about local events. I started going to Glenwood Library as a child, after exhausting the supply of books at Pitteuchar Library. Glenwood was the main library for Glenrothes, and, even after Rothes Halls opened, it continued to be the biggest and best library in town.
Fife Cultural Trust decided to close the library, and, eventually, the council agreed, so the closure went ahead last month. There is a community plan to run the library, but it's very unclear what's happening with this - I haven't even been able to get hold of the business plan (unlike in Falkland where they had a very clear business plan put in place and made public, with volunteers recruited and architects drawings produced). All that's been said is that it will have at least the same facilities as before.

That's why I decided to take some photos of the library before it closed, so that I could preserve my memories of it as it is now. It was built in the 60s, so there are lots of retro details, and there are particular shelves that I remember as where I borrowed my first books from!

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Ken Davidson said...

Thanks for the pics. Was treading a mental nostalgia path when deciding to look up my 'old' local library, a place I used to 'live in' as much as possible during the late 70s and early 80s. Nice to see the pics, sad to see it go.

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