04 December 2016

Sunday self-portraits: Retro photo booth

I recently went to an fashion-themed event at the National Museum of Scotland, called Styling the Nation. I'll tell you more about the event in general soon, but here are the cool photos I had taken at the free retro photo booth run by Gladys and the Bubblettes.

I was lucky enough to be near the front of the queue when the booth opened up, so I was able to see how it all worked but didn't have to wait. I decided on a pink patterned top and fluffy hat that I'd seen someone else wearing.
There was a really cool backdrop, a big suitcase full of retro clothes, lots of wigs and hats hanging up, and a retro chest of drawers topped with all sorts of accessories. She started me off in a crazy blonde wig, then quickly whipped that off and changed around the accessories for each photo - she's clearly much practiced in doing this quickly!
I'd lost track of how many photos were taken, and I hadn't yet used the retro teacup that I really fancied, so she kindly let me have another postcard-sized photo in addition to the two strips of four!
I've just bought a really cool retro-print dress from a charity shop, so I may be trying my own retro photo shoot soon!

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