05 December 2016


Here are some photos of last month's fireworks that I hadn't got round to posting. I haven’t really watched the fireworks in my town much in recent years. They used to be near my parents’ house, so we could watch them from the big window at the top of their stairs. But the fireworks moved to a new location a number of years back, that is not really near their house or mine.
This year, on the night of the fireworks display, I heard some really loud fireworks and thought they must be ones that people were setting off in their gardens nearby. But when I looked out my window I realised that what I could hear was the town’s display, which is 2 miles away, and that I could see it quite well too.
The first fireworks I saw were shaped like smiley faces, but unfortunately I didn’t have the camera ready in time to capture them!
My photos are not great, but I actually really like the out-of-focus ones, and the ones where you can see the ghostly outline of my tree against the light and smoke.

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