03 December 2016

Candle making

Making candles is one of those crafts I've always meant to try, but never quite got round to until now. I'd actually picked up this candle making kit a couple of years ago in a charity shop, but hadn't got round to using it. Now, seeing as I'm going through a bit of a Hygge phase, and using loads of candles, I decided it was the perfect time!

The kit came with wax, two moulds, a length of wick, coloured chips to colour the wax, and blu-tak to seal the holes where the wick goes through the mould. The kit only cost me £2, which is a great price for trying out something you're not sure whether you want to invest a lot of money in. But I saw the kit being sold new in a local craft shop and it was actually over ten times that price!

First you have to pierce holes in the bottoms of the moulds with a skewer, then thread the wick through (that was the really fiddly bit!). Then, after sealing the holes with blu-tak, you can melt the wax and pour it in (the wick is supported by being tied around a little stick). The box was designed to hold the moulds upright.
Because there were blue and yellow coloured chips, I was able to make blue, yellow and green candles.
I decided to make scented candles, so I added essential oils to each batch and coloured them appropriately - yellow for neroli and ylang ylang, blue for lavender, and green for rosemary. Because there were only two moulds, I had to wait some hours between making the batches of candles. If there was a little wax left at the end of pouring into the moulds, I used this to top up one of my other candles.

I n total I was able to make 6 candles out of the kit, and now I know what I'm doing I can get some wick and melt down the leftovers of some other candles! I'm also going to try using different containers as moulds - I'm saving some yoghurt pots and the containers from mini Christmas puds!

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