29 November 2016

This month I have been mostly...

It was the big anniversary of the school, something I've been helping to plan for months! I'm not sure what I'll do with my time now! The week of the anniversary events was full of ups and downs, since as well as the events themselves there was the US election result, the death of a former member of staff who'd hoped to attend the events, and the death of one of my favourite singer-songwriters, Leonard Cohen. And I won a prize in the #myselfinobjects competition by the National Galleries of Scotland.

I started my TUC Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety last month, and it's hard work, a big step up from the Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses! So maybe that's what I'll be spending most of my spare time doing!

It's been a busy month, so haven't done much reading at all!

As with the reading, I haven't had time to watch much TV, so there's a lot building up on my TiVo to watch!

I had been listening to Leonard Cohen's album The Future after hearing the result of the US election. One of the songs, The Future, really fitted my mood about the election result, and another, Democracy, brought back bittersweet memories of seeing Leonard Cohen in concert in 2008, the day after Obama was first elected. The day after I started listening to these songs, I woke up to hear that Leonard Cohen had died.

Here's a drawing/painting I started at that concert, and a clip from the concert of my favourite part of my favourite Leonard Cohen song.

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