07 February 2016

Nacreous clouds

Recently there was a big storm, but it did have a silver lining, or, rather, a mother-of-pearl one! That evening, and the next morning, these amazing nacreous clouds (from the word nacre, meaning mother-of-pearl) appeared in the sky.
I'd been reading on twitter about how they had been spotted in Edinburgh, then, moments later, I became aware that it had become very bright outside. When I looked out the window I spotted these glowing colourful clouds lighting up the sky.
I quickly grabbed my camera, and ran to the window. The storm meant that the windows were covered in raindrops, but the photos turned out well despite that. As the sky got darker after sunset the clouds stood out even more in the sky. I've never seen the northern lights, but this will do me fine until I do - a constantly changing light show in the sky!

The following morning I looked east and again saw the clouds, so I took some more photos before leaving for work.

1 comment:

Ivonne Spinoza said...

So gorgeous!


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