07 February 2016

Geometric earrings

This is a project that takes me back to my teenage years when I first made beads from this particular item - cotton buds! It's kind of a scaled down version of the Himmeli light fitting and terrarium I made from straws last year.
1. Cut the ends off the cotton buds. You should find that the stick is hollow. You can cut all the pieces the same length, or make them various different lengths.

2. Start stringing the pieces onto fine wire.

3. When you have three pieces, twist the wire together to form a triangle.

4. Continue threading on more pieces until you have a shape you are happy with. You may have to thread the wire back along an edge to continue.

5. Make a loop for the earring wire, and poke any ends in.

You can make both earrings the same, or make them different like I did.

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