04 January 2016

2015 reading

1. The Sense of Style -Steven Pinker
2. The Martian - Andy Weir
3. Horrorstör - Grady Hendrix
4. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying - Marie Kondo
5. The Nesting Place - Myquillyn Smith
6. Happier at Home - Gretchen Rubin
7. The Lady and the Monk - Pico Iyer
8. The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman - Denis Theriault
9. Kimono - Liza Dalby
10. The Miniaturist - Jessie Burton
11. Death at La Fenice - Donna Leon
12. Wild - Cheryl Strayed
13. Death in a Strange Country - Donna Leon
14. The Anonymous Venetian - Donna Leon
15. The Paper Magician - Charlie N Holmberg
16. The Glass Magician - Charlie N Holmberg
17. A Venetian Reckoning - Donna Leon
18. A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Trees - Yoshida Kenko
19. Acqua Alta - Donna Leon
20. The Goddess Chronicle - Natsuo Kirino
21. Nikola Tesla - Sean Patrick
22. Geek Girl - Holly Smale
23. The Death of Faith - Donna Leon
24. The Enchanted April - Elizabeth von Arnim
25. Brunelleschi's Dome - Ross King
26. The Master Magician - Charlie N Holmberg
27. Mr Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore - Robin Sloan
28. Adventures in Stationery - James Ward
29. Stardust - Neil Gaiman
30. Have a Little Faith - Mitch Albom
31. In the Devil's Garden - Stewart Lee Allen
32. Tales from Moomin Valley - Tove Jansson
33. Ada's Algorithm - James Essinger
34. Moominpappa at Sea - Tove Jansson
35. The Good, the Bad & the Furry - Tom Cox
36. Moominsummer Madness - Tove Jansson
37. The Last Black Cat - Eugene Trivizas
38. The Chalet School Does It Again - Elinor M Brent-Dyer
39. Love - Paulo Coelho
40. Elizabeth is Missing - Emma Healey
41. Too Much Information - Dave Gorman
42. The Girl With All the Gifts - M R Carey
43. Villain - Shuichi Yoshida
44. The Monster of Florence - Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi
45. 59 Seconds - Richard Wiseman
This year I got to the end of November feeling that I hadn't read much at all this year, then I had a sudden reading spurt when I read one book a day! So I did manage to keep up with last year's total.

I wanted to say a bit about which books I include on my annual list. You may have noticed that I sometimes review books that I don't then put on my end of year list. My rule is that it has to be a book that involves mostly reading. So all novels are included, and some non-fiction. But any book that is mainly pictures, or that I just skim, doesn't make the list! So the majority of craft books, travel books, etc, won't be listed.

I'd more or less finished reading the Montalbano books last year, so this summer I started on Donna Leon's Brunetti books which had a similar feel, but were set in Venice rather than Sicily. I will continue reading the series next summer. After that I moved on to a few more Italian themed books, these ones being based around the areas I was going on holiday.

I was finding I was spending more than I'd planned on Kindle books, so in December I began to hunt the charity shops instead. I started off with some cat-themed books, and I also bought Elizabeth is Missing, which had been recommended by a friend. I did realise, while looking round the charity shops, that their books could often be the same price as Kindle ones, though! And I do prefer reading on the Kindle.

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