11 December 2015

Travel memories: Holiday coincidences

There were some really interesting coincidences associated with my holiday in Italy!

On the day I was returning home, I was dropped off at the airport only to discover that my plane was over-booked and I would be getting put on a bus to Bologna, an hour away, with a handful of other passengers. I was delighted, however, to discover that two of these passengers were fellow Scots, the first Scottish voices I’d heard since leaving Scotland! I was heading towards Edinburgh, and they were going to Aberdeen.

As we travelled to Bologna, I spotted a sign for McArthur Glen, which is a designer outlet here in Scotland – we were very surprised to discover one in Italy! Chatting to these two women, I told them that I’d been to the Cinque Terre on the day that it had rained torrentially. It turned out that they had been there on the very same day!

When I returned home, I began to go through the photos that I had taken. Those I took in the Cinque Terre proved to be particularly interesting. In some of the photographs there was an plant, on one leaf of which was carved my initials! There were also a lot of photographs in which hearts made an appearance, many of which I hadn’t noticed at the time I took them. 
But the strangest thing of all was when I looked at one of my views of Riomaggiore, looking to pick out members of my own tour group, and there, right in the front and centre of the photograph, were the two Aberdonians I’d sat with on my way to Bologna!

The day after I returned from my holiday, I went on a ghost walk in the nearby town of Falkland. In the palace gardens, the guide shone a torch up at a plaque I’d seen many times before, but, having just returned the day before from Italy, I immediately thought, “That looks like things I saw in Tuscany!” to then hear the guide say, “And this comes from Florence!”. I later discovered it is from the Hospital of the Innocents, which is now on my list to visit next time I go to Florence!

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