12 December 2015

Framed postcards

I came back from Italy with a huge pile of postcards! I love postcards, but many of the countries I’ve visited in the past haven’t had a lot of options for buying postcards, or sold them only in packs so you couldn’t pick and choose individual ones. Italy, however, had a great selection, so I bought loads!

I mainly went for illustrated postcards, many of them watercolours, although I did get a few with photographs on them.
I knew I wanted to put some of these on display, rather than putting them all away in a box to be looked at occasionally, so I decided the three frames in my bathroom would be an ideal place to put some of them. I chose three postcards from Portofino, which fitted well with the colours of my bathroom, had a seaside feel which goes well in a bathroom, and were in a portrait format. They turned out to be the perfect size for the apertures in the frames.

I think they look great hanging in my bathroom, and now I can reminisce about Portofino every day when I see them!

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