31 December 2015

This year on emuse

Here's a quick run-through of some of the fun stuff that's happened on emuse this year.

It started off in January with some Japanese stamp carving patterns, and a week of Russian dolls.

In February there were some different styles of Valentines.

In March and April it was all about decor, with the makeover of my bedroom.

In May the decor theme continued with cushions.

June was about photography and birthday cards. Then in July it was one of my favourite projects of the year - my clay Clangers scene!

 In August it was all about postcards.

September was about relaxation, drawing and a few online challenges.

October involved more drawing, as part of an online challenge, and some photography.

November was photography, reading, and a few holiday related things. December had some posts about my holiday in Italy, and some Christmassy stuff!

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