05 September 2015

Kwang Young Chun exhibition

When I popped in to Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh to see the Dazzle jewellery exhibition, little did I know I'd end up spending more time at an exhibition by a Korean artist I'd never heard of!
The artworks, called Aggregations, were made by Kwang Young Chun from polystyrene shapes wrapped in mulberry paper which is covered in Korean lettering, and tied with string. The paper is either left plain or dyed various different colours.
This exhibition was stunning! As you walk in the door you see a large grey hanging sculpture that looks like a strange alien planet or moon. Then you look across the room and see other artworks hanging on the walls, that also look like moonscapes, or like amethyst crystals, flames, or furry rugs. But looking more closely at them you see all the angular shapes they are made up of, which give the impression of cracked earth or stony ground.
I just couldn't get enough of these artworks, and didn't want to leave! They are something that I could actually picture having on my wall if I had a large enough house - something bold that would also be a talking point. If it wasn't for the fact I'd seen the Great Tapestry of Scotland earlier in the day, it would have been the best exhibition I'd seen all year!

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