07 September 2015

Bernat Klein exhibition

In the room right next to the Kwang Young Chun exhibition I told you about the other day, was another good exhibition, of the work of Bernat Klein, a Serbian textile designer and painter who lived and worked in Scotland. The two exhibitions worked really well together, both having tactile, colourful pieces of wall art that were reminiscent of textiles.
I hadn't been aware of Bernat Klein's work before, but it was very nostalgic for me. The colours and textures reminded me of growing up in the 1970s, of the art and textiles that were around at that time. Which makes sense, because it was in the 60s and 70s that he produced a lot of his work. The bright pinks, oranges and greens made me think of some artworks that were in my school, and of the clothes of my Pippa dolls!
On the walls there were paintings which, in themselves, were fabric-like in design and texture, but they also incorporated pieces of fabric in them.
As well as the paintings, there were glass cases showing some of his fabrics, as well as catalogues, photographs, balls of wool, etc. The pieces of clothing in the pictures looked so stylish!
It was a great exhibition, and well worth visiting!

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