31 August 2015

This month on emuse

This month has been all about the postcards, inspired by Marceline's Summer Postcard Club! I started off by showing you my postcard collection, and showed how to make your own retro local postcard. I also showed you some Christmas stamp postcards I bought this month. Finally it was on to the postcard club, with an introductory post, then each of the postcards I designed, each of which was tailored to the interests of the recipient:

I've also been getting back into doing more drawing this month, so I bought some new pens, did a sketch of Bodnant Garden, and showed you how to create your own doodle colouring designs. This is a fun way of creating a drawing if you feel intimidated by a blank sheet of paper, and it means you'll have a never-ending supply of colouring pages!

I also posted about the marbled scarf workshop I went to at Process Studios last month, which was great fun, and also the walk I took up Calton Hill the same day (luckily before the torrential rain that came on later that day!).

And I showed my crop of purple potatoes, which I was able to harvest a few months earlier than I'd expected, and also showed you the dish that I made with them, a delicious roast chicken leg with lemon and herbs.

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