12 July 2015

Sunday self-portraits: Totally tropical

These photos were not taken on my usual self-portrait day of a Sunday, but on a Monday holiday when I was at work, because I wanted to make use of this jungle mural made by some of the pupils! I've been wanting to take some self-portraits with a cool mural, and this was a very convenient one to use! I headed up there during my break with my tripod to take photos, and the only people I had to worry about in the building were some workmen along the other corridor.
The outfit I wore that day had a tropical theme, with my watermelon-coloured t-shirt (Forever 21), and my silky bomber jacket with its pattern of flowers, leaves and pineapples (M&S). I wore these with jeans (M&S) and a bright green cardigan (Primark), and a belt that matches my t-shirt. I also wore a bracelet I bought in Peru.

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