02 July 2015

Retrocraft: Art

I've had these scanned in for years with a view to putting them on the blog, but seeing Marceline's posts about her art history reminded me of them, so here they are!
Most of these were done when I was in my late teens, I think. Some of them are watercolours, and some are chalk pastels. They are no great artworks, but they give me a real feeling of nostalgia when I look at them.
This self-portrait was from a favourite photo of myself, and I'm sure I've attempted to draw it various times! I will have to try to find some more self-portraits I've drawn - it would be interesting to see them all together!

1 comment:

Sam said...

Dear Emma,
I follow you from Paris (right now I'm in holidays in Germany :)) since a while. I really like your self portrait and the tiger! Bravo!
Take care!

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