06 June 2015

Tray upcycle

Not a major upcycle, but more of a spruce-up for this fabulous vintage wooden tray I got at this year's Christian Aid book sale in Edinburgh (for only 20p!).

The tray was really quite grubby to begin with, and the lining paper (or rather sticky-backed plastic) was overlapping up onto the sides. But it had such a vintage 1950s look to it that I didn't want to lose it! I trimmed it around the bottom of the tray as best I could and removed the excess. I cleaned the tray and the lining as best I could, but some marks did remain. I used two coats of brushing wax to give the tray a richer colour, then some beeswax polish.

Although the tray still has visible marks on it, I think it looks more like a well-used tray with a nice patina, rather than something dusty that has been sitting in someone's garage for years! It looks great with all my vintage sewing items stored in it!

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