07 June 2015

Sunday self-portraits: 40s style

For one of my recent batches of self-portraits I went for a bit of a 1940s theme. I'm wearing a top from H&M and a skirt from Asda, and the handbag and brooch are vintage. It's fun trying out new hairstyles and makeup for my self-portraits. The roll on the top of my hair took a lot of hairspray to stay in place! For the waves at the sides I pinned them in place after using a large tong, and this made them last much longer than usual.

My glasses are probably a bit more 1950s in style, but I prefer how I look with glasses on so I left them on for the photos. My eyes look smaller when I take my glasses off, and my wrinkles are more obvious!

I really liked how this look turned out, and I even wore it to work (minus the curl on top, I thought that would be a bit too much!).

Because I usually take my self-portraits on Sundays, I thought that this could be a new feature, where I also post them on the blog on Sundays. It won't be every week, just now and again, but I do have some more lined up for next week. I hope they can provide some inspiration for you to take some creative self-portraits of your own.

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