29 May 2015

Living room freshen-up

I've had a little freshen-up of my living room this spring, and it's surprising how little things can brighten the room up.

I put a lighter-coloured throw on the settee, made some new cushion covers, rearranged books on many of the shelves, painted some picture frames and my ikea tree white, and got a new white curtain rod. I also removed the gathers from the net curtain, cut it and discarded pretty much half of it, so there's a lot more light coming through the window now!

I also got my sideboard to replace the tv unit, so there's a bit more floor space - this means I've brought the old rattan chair in from the hall, which I'd been thinking of taking to the charity shop!

I do want to give the room a fresh coat of paint, but that probably won't be happening until the summer holidays!

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