02 April 2015

Framed prints

A friend at work was organising a little art exhibition/sale in the staff room, and wondered if I had anything to exhibit. I wasn't sure I had any frames, but happened to come across these while I was decorating. 

The next problem was to find some of my art to fit in the frames, which was more difficult than I thought it would be - everything was either too big or too small, and I wanted two pieces that would in some way match each other. Finally I came across my Asakusa Kannon Temple prints, and realised that I could crop them to fit the frames and create two pieces of art from one print.

I rarely get round to framing any of my art, so it's fun to see how good these look. If they don't sell I may well put them up on the wall in my bedroom! And I'll be stocking up on frames the next time I visit Ikea, so I can frame some more of my artwork!

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