27 February 2015

This month I have been mostly...

Close to the end of last month I created a Facebook group for former pupils and staff of my old primary school, so I've been having a rather nostalgic time putting things on there and looking at the things other people have posted. I also dyed my hair a reddish brown (Chilli Chocolate by Casting).

When I was nostalgicising about my primary school days, I began reading my own old diaries, and my Mum's. I read this post by Marceline on Asking for Trouble, then an old friend mentioned on Facebook that she'd been keeping a diary since the age of 12. When I reread Marceline's post and realised that her 5-year diary was still available on demand on Lulu, I ordered it straight away, and have been figuring out what I've done so far this year to fill it in! I also ordered some Pilot Parallel Pens (after seeing this post on Andrea Joseph's blog), because I've been bemoaning my lack of a good italic pen recently.

Wolf Hall, Broadchurch, Spiral (and crying at what happened to Pierre!).

Wolf Hall (still!), and The Martian by Andy Weir.

Listening to:
I found some more podcasts that I like, Invisibilia and The Allusionist. I've also been listening to this, because my class's primary school leaving song was to this tune!

And this album, the amazing soundtrack from the film Wild. It's got Simon & Garfunkel, one of my favourite REM songs done by First Aid Kit, The Shangri-Las, Leonard Cohen, and Portishead. One of the best compilations ever, could have been composed just for me. And I couldn't believe it when the last track was Red River Valley, we used to dance to it at primary school and I had just looked up the name of it the other day!

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