25 February 2015

Braces progress

I got my braces fitted on the 9th December, and I've been amazed with the progress so far! Even after just four weeks, in early January, I had seen a lot of movement, and it was a big thing on New Year’s Day when I noticed my two front teeth no longer overlapped! And after another month there was even more progress.

I didn't have anything I would describe as pain when I got my braces. One or two teeth at a time feel uncomfortable to chew with, but not painful. And I've only felt the braces rubbing on the inside of my mouth a couple of times, so I've only used a teensy bit of the wax that the orthodontist gave me. I’ve got quite used to the brushing routine, and my dentist and orthodontist were both happy with how clean I’m keeping them.

I had my first adjustment on the 3rd February, and I decided to get turquoise ligatures this time! They are in a figure 8 shape on my top teeth this time. I also have wire ties on a couple of teeth at the bottom, and there are elastics in a couple of places at the top - both the elastics and wire ties are so difficult to see, that it took me ages to figure out exactly where they were! The first night I didn't sleep well as my teeth were a bit sore, and one of my teeth has been a bit sensitive to cold, but other than that it's been fine!

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Freddie Gray said...

Things are looking good! Discomfort is to be expected on the first few months of having braces, though it seems like your journey has been a breeze, so far. Also, the turquoise ligatures look great! Being able to pick the color you want for your braces is a pretty nice perk, isn't it? Thanks for sharing, and have a nice day!

Freddie Gray @ Ballantyne Center For Dentistry

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