16 February 2015

Holga turret and filters

I got a new toy, and I can't wait to play with it properly! The Holga turret fits on my camera where the lens would go, and there are two magnetic discs that attach to it. One of these discs has all sorts of coloured filters, and the other has lots of split-screen effects and macro lenses.

It's got a fixed focus, so I have to get used to making sure I'm at least 0.7 metres from what I'm photographing, and to not hearing the focus beep! It's weird, because I actually have loads of dreams in which I'm trying to take photos in some fascinating place, and the focus doesn't beep, so I'll have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming when using this! I also found it quite dark when I was looking through the viewfinder.
I've just played around with some quick shots around the house, and some of them are not in focus because I was too close to what I was photographing. They're a bit grainy too, so I think it will work best in strong light. But I am having fun with it, and can't wait to try it out and about!

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