15 February 2015

Bunting birthday card

Here's another great way of using my carved triangular stamps! They make a simple and effective birthday card.

1. Draw a curved shape across the card with pencil.

2. Select your stamps - they should all be triangles of the same size, but different patterns.

3. Use the first stamp to stamp in the middle of the curve.

4. Arrange the other stamps around this, following the curve. You can use all one colour of ink like I did, or vary the colours.

5. Go over the pencil line with black pen, then, when this is dry, erase the pencil line. The pen line doesn't need to be neat, I was going for a hand-drawn look with mine!

6. Write the words Happy Birthday (or any other greeting) in pencil. Go over this with black pen then erase the pencil. 

7. Using a grey brush pen go round one side of each letter and each pennant of the bunting to create a shadow.

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