24 January 2015

Book review: Photocrafty

Every year I have a bit of a post-Christmas splurge on Amazon, and this book, Photocrafty by Sue Venables, was one of the books I bought this year.

The book is full of projects to try with your SLR camera, from the simple beginnings of learning to compose your photos, to some really impressive tricks to try at night with torches, and fun hacks using vintage cameras! I find most photography books a bit dull, because they spend too much time on the technicalities. But I love books like this that are more about how to come up with unique ideas of what to photograph and how to photograph it.

Photocrafty is a good companion book to one of my other favourite photography books, the A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea book, which is also full of inspiration rather than technical details. In fact they are almost the same size, so they will sit neatly together on my bookshelf! As you can see, the A Beautiful Mess book is full of bookmarks, but I could put one on every page of Photocrafty!

I'm feeling really inspired by this book! In fact, I may try to work my way through as many of the projects in it as I can over the coming year.

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