06 December 2014

Rectangu-robin and Rectangu-penguin!

Today I'm introducing you to Rectangu-robin (who you may have met before), and Rectangu-penguin! They are my Christmas greeting to you, and I'm going to show you how to make them.

This is also my first time including a video tutorial here on emuse!

You can download the templates here. They are best printed on thin card. Or, if you've received a Christmas card from me, you have the template already!

So here's the video! And there's a summary of the instructions below too.
1. Cut out the pieces (you should end up with one large piece, which has white flaps around the edges, and two wings, and two feet).
2. Score along the dotted lines (I've done this bit already on the Christmas cards!).
3. Fold along the score lines.
4. Stick together (it's neatest to do this with glue, but sellotape will do if it's what you have).
5. Stick a wing to each side, and the feet to the bottom.
Now he's ready to go on some adventures! And I want to see what he gets up to - add your photos to the emuse facebook page!

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