08 December 2014

Photo boards

Do you remember the photo boards I made a while back? Well, I found I was getting a lot of use out of the blackboard one and the turquoise one, but not so much from the green one and pink one - I just found that these colours were too strong and distracted from the items I was photographing.

So I decided to repaint them. I loved the texture of the pink one, which looked almost like a concrete texture, so I painted it white but kept the same texture.

The green one I subdued by adding a few coats of wood stain on top of the paint. Now it looks like the colour of an old fence with lichen growing on it.

Finally, I created a new board. I had a couple of folding wooden tables in my shed, so I cut the legs off one of these then painted it white, rubbing with sandpaper afterwards to give it the look of aged peeling paint. I also painted the other side teal.

I'm loving my new photography boards, and I'm finding the white ones, in particular, are getting almost daily use!

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