13 December 2014

Step-by-step blocks

Since I'm often taking photographs for step-by-step tutorials for emuse, I thought it would be fun to make these blocks to include in the photographs, so that it would be obvious which photograph is for which numbered step in the instructions.

1. Paint the blocks a solid colour. My blocks were orange before I painted them teal, but it will work just as well with plain wooden blocks.

2. Rub the corners and edges with sandpaper, to expose the wood (or base paint colour).

3. Use a stencil to draw numbers on the blocks.

4. Paint the numbers with black paint. I painted the numbers 1-7 on the front, and 8-14 on the back.

I love how these turned out. They have a really vintage look to them, and you could almost imagine that they are really a vintage children's toy.

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