09 September 2014

Retrocraft: Granny hexagon cushion

I decided that a retro crocheted granny hexagon cushion would be the finishing touch to my living room makeover.

I hadn’t done much crochet before other than a few little bits of amigurumi, so it was a real learning experience for me! I don’t know about you, but all the abbreviations for the stitches intimidate me a bit and confuse me, so I was really glad to find this tutorial on Attic24 which spells everything out in simple words and pictures! I used this page to learn how to join my hexagons, then used this tutorial to fill in the edges to make my cushion cover square.

Here are some hints and tips for making a cushion cover!

1. Measure your cushion, and make enough hexagons to cover it. I made mine slightly smaller than my cushion, as it was a slightly flattened cushion that needed plumped up a bit!
2. Lay out the hexagons so you can see how the colours of the hexagons combine.

3. Join your hexagons.
4. Fill in the edges.

5. Either make the other side of the cushion the same, or do what I did, and make a striped knitted one! I must admit that I found the knitted side a little less interesting to do.
6. Sew round three edges.

7. Insert the cushion.
8. Sew the last side.

9. Enjoy your cushion!

I love my cushion, it’s so bright and comfy! I’m looking forward to making more for elsewhere in the house! Oh, and probably a cozy blanket too, and a big mat that I could use as a photo background (as the cushion front was used for this purpose often before the cushion was sewn up!)

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