26 September 2014

Hobbies scrapbook

It's old projects week here on emuse!
I had kind of forgotten about this tiny scrapbook, until I was filling in a questionnaire for a feature on a craft site, which asked what my non-craft related hobbies are. When I pulled the scrapbook out of its box, I was quite prepared to cringe at an old project from exactly 10 years ago. But when I looked at it I realised that I loved it as much as when I'd made it! I haven't really followed all the changing scrapbooking trends over the past 10 years, to tell the truth (and I kind of dislike that scrapbooking does have trends, I think that's one of the things that put me off following scrapbooking sites).

I love that I left lots of tags at the end to add new hobbies! I will have to fill a few of these in!

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