25 September 2014

Decorated Moleskines

This week on emuse I'm posting some old projects, some of which haven't been seen on the blog before. Today's post is all about the Moleskines!

I've got a fair collection of Moleskine notebooks of different styles. I use them as travel journals when I go on holiday, as my everyday sketchbooks, and for keeping notes about the books I read, films I see, etc. When you've got so many, you need to be able to tell them apart! So here are some of the ways I've decorated them.

1. Using origami paper, cut-out letters, mod podge, and a few cute accents
This is the main way that I decorate my travel journals - the ones here are Austria 2001, Japan 2006, China 2008 and Peru 2012. I haven't done my Kyoto 2013 one yet! I added coins and tassels to the China and Japan ones, and a pompom trim  and tiny ricrac braid to the Peru one. I decorated a memo pocket folder in a similar way, for storing old (ancient!) love letters. I use a simpler version of this on my sketchbooks, just adding a simple band of origami paper.

2. Drawing on them
This is how I've decorated my Cahiers, which I use for keeping notes on movies, books, tv, theatre, and music. The books one was done with just a black pen, but the others used coloured pencils.

3. Stamping on them
This is a Moleskine that I decorated for my brother. I made my own stamps from erasers, and combined these with use of coloured pencils.

4. Using patterned paper and stamping
This is how I decorated a couple of tiny pink Moleskines.
5. Making a felt cozy
This is a simple way of keeping your Moleskine safe, easy to find in your bag, and pretty to look at!

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