13 September 2014

Decorating photos with erasable pen

A few days ago I showed you my wipe-clean memo board, and mentioned that I had another related project - well here it is! This is a really fun and easy way of customising your framed photos!

You don't need a lot of instructions for this project! It's just a case of getting hold of an erasable pen (I used a chalk pen for blackboards, which needs water to remove it, but you could use a dry-erase marker if you like) ... and writing on the glass of your photo frames!
You could add names to the photos, write on them where they were taken, add hearts, flowers and stars, words describing the people in the photos, or, of course, you could add silly glasses and moustaches!
I found that the white pen I used worked really well with my sepia-toned prints. If a white pen wouldn't show up well on your photos, try another colour - I think neon pink or yellow would look amazing!

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