11 September 2014

Wipe-clean reminder board and matching pen

I had a go at making this a while ago, with pink patterned paper and using a black dry-wipe pen, but I wasn't really happy with how it turned out. So I went for a different colour scheme this time, which I think works a lot better!

1. Remove the back from your frame, and cut a piece of patterned paper the same size.
2. Put the frame back together.
3. Use a white erasable marker to write on it (I used a chalk pen, designed for using on a blackboard. It needs water to erase it).
It's so quick and easy that you can experiment with different colours - you could change it every week!
To make it look even better, I customised the pen to match.
1. Cut a piece of paper that will fit round the pen.
2. Attach it with tape (I used a washi tape in similar colours). Using tape means it's easily removable if you want to change it.

Come back on Saturday to see another project I did inspired by this - it's really cute!

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