14 August 2014

My recipe book

Since this is my food and drink week here on emuse, I thought I would show you where I keep all my recipes - in a cute book that I found at Paperchase. It's really useful because it has dividers to keep different types of recipes separate, and pockets to keep loose recipes in.

The book is full of different recipes, family recipes (like tablet and carrot cake), recipes I learned at school (like chocolate truffles), recipes I got from books, from friends, from TV, from zines (like Marceline's soup of awesome from her Oddments #1 zine), from the internet (like GrinningCat's Asian dressing which I came across on twopeasinabucket years ago), torn out of magazines, and my own invented recipes (like vegetarian haggis pie). I particularly like some vintage magazine pages with recipes for cakes and sweets, probably from the 1970s - I can't remember if it was my mum or my gran I got them from.

My stomach is now rumbling with all this talk of food, so I'll leave you with my recipe for Vegetarian Haggis Pie. I haven't made it in ages, though!

Microwave some veggie haggis and sliced mushrooms
Part way through cooking add some red wine and soy sauce
Top with mashed potatoes mixed with cheese, and stick under the grill for a few minutes
Serve with broccoli, carrots and cranberry sauce!

Come back tomorrow for the final recipe of my food and drink week - it's one of my favourites!


marceline said...

Hah, that's so great you have my soup recipe in there. I still make that all the time :)

Alice B said...

Ahhh I have that same recipe book! It's so great, I love the paperchase ones with all the pockets and stuff :)

Emma said...

I love that you have the same one, Alice! And Marceline, I pretty much survived on a staple diet of that soup for lunches a couple of winters ago :D

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