15 August 2014

Marzipan cherries

I'm finishing up this week of food and drink with one of my favourites. I think this recipe originally came from my gran, but I remember asking my mum to make them for my 10th birthday party! They are really easy to make, and I still think they are the most delicious thing ever!

Somewhere I took notes on the exact quantities I used, but I can't remember where! It's not really an exact recipe anyway. You'll see from the photo the size of the marzipan (on the left) and dark chocolate (on the right), and I had about 1/3 of the marzipan left over at the end.
 Drain the cherries.
 Take a piece of marzipan a bit bigger than a cherry.
 Wrap it around the cherry.
 Continue until all the cherries are covered.
 Melt the chocolate and cover the marzipan balls with chocolate. Put in the fridge to set.

I hope you've enjoyed reading all my other food and drink posts this week, including cheese-making, strawberry lassi, mini-trifles, and a look at the book where I keep all my recipes!

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