09 August 2014

Make your own origami paper!

This weekend I'm bringing you a couple of origami paper inspired projects. Today - how to make your own origami paper, in original and unusual patterns! 

All you'll need are some pencils with erasers, a craft knife, ink pads in various colours, and some thin paper.

1. Draw a design on a pencil eraser. Make it simple! Hearts, triangles, flowers, stars etc are all good designs.
2. Cut away the excess areas of the eraser to make your stamp.
3. Either use some plain origami paper squares, or cut some thin paper into squares.
4. Go crazy with your stamps. You can create all sorts of patterns, whether random or regular.
You can use the paper for origami, or as your own original patterned paper for card-making or scrapbooking. To make your stamps easier to store, you can cut the pencils to a few inches long. You can also use any small rubber stamps in your collection to create the design.

Come back tomorrow for another project inspired by origami paper!

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