10 August 2014

Origami watch

Here's a cool watch that I decorated, inspired by origami papers and Japanese fabric.

When I saw this watch advertised on Amazon, I immediately knew I had to have one! It's a watch with a strap made of Tyvek, a paper-like material that is strong and can be decorated.

If you're going to do one of these yourself, my main recommendation would be to check that the watch is working BEFORE decorating the strap - I discovered that my watch didn't work after decorating it, and they can't just send a replacement for the faulty part, apparently, they would have to send a whole new watch, and then you would return the faulty one. I could have done this and returned the faulty watch in the undecorated strap I suppose, but instead I just accepted a partial refund, and I'll try taking the watch part to pieces to see if it's just the battery.
First I picked out various origami papers and Japanese fabrics from my collection to inspire me. I found that pencil didn't really show up well on the strap (maybe a very soft pencil would, though), so I just drew freehand with a fine black permanent pen. Then I filled in some areas with permanent markers, and finally used a gold Sharpie to outline some areas.
I like how the watch turned out, but I also loved it before I added the colour, so if I was doing another I might do it just with black pen.

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