06 August 2014

Lace bowls

When I found these pretty lace doilies in a charity shop, I really had no idea what my plans were for them, but with their flower design I couldn’t resist them.

Then I remembered seeing some lovely lace bowls online, so I decided to have a go at making my own!

1. I chose bowls that were a suitable size, and covered them in cling film.
2. I painted the doilies with mod podge on a piece of cardboard, then turned them over and squidged them into place on the bowls.

3. I gave them another coat of mod podge on the outside and left them to dry.


Anne Weaver said...

Pretty!! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this evening that links to your tutorial:

ga447 said...

Love this idea I have lots of lace and now I know what I can do with it.

Emma said...

Thank you both :)

Judys Fabrications said...

These are so pretty, and look fairly simple.I have to make some! Thanks for this tutorial.

Jessie said...

Great idea! Wondering if I could use fabric stiffener instead of mod podge to achieve the same result?

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