05 August 2014

Retrocraft: Embroideries and tapestries

I was clearing out a cupboard, and I came across these, which I knew would be perfect for one of my Retrocraft posts, about old and retro craft items. They were all done back in the 1980s.

The tapestry with the green background was one I did in art class at school, and I still really like it - it's bold and abstract. I can't remember if the brown one with the house and landscape was also done at school, or if it was a craft project I did at home.
The sleeping cat was an embroidery kit that I got as a birthday present. I've always meant to frame it, and have had a mount laid aside for it for decades, but I didn't ever get round to buying a frame!

The one in the embroidery hoop is based on one of Monet's paintings, and I came up with the pattern by myself. I like how I did the poppies with french knots.

Finally, the sampler is one that was bought as a printed piece of fabric on one of our early caravan holidays. I think it took me years to complete, and I have memories of sitting in the caravan working on it. I dyed it with tea afterwards to give it an antiqued look.

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