24 June 2014

Movie review: Sakuran

Sakuran is the most kanzashi-laden film ever! From the very first scene the screen is filled with the most elaborate hair ornaments, and brightest kimonos, I've ever seen. The sets are beautiful, and there are stunning cherry blossoms and gorgeous goldfish.

This film is most certainly not about geisha, but instead about tayuu or oiran, courtesans who "entertain" men in a completely different way, if you know what I mean! The film centres around the rivalry between rebellious Kiyoha and the top courtesan, the Oiran.

It's a bit like a Japanese version of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette - not much substance, but stunningly beautiful and with a soundtrack of modern music that complements the period setting. It's fun, colourful, over-the-top, silly, and has the most ridiculous death scene ever. It's the most visually stunning film I've seen, and I love it.

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