25 June 2014

Beaded hair comb

This comb is based on the beaded hair ornament worn by maiko when they have their hair in the yakko shimada hairstyle. My version is one of the quickest and easiest hair ornaments I've ever made!

1. Gather 10 beads of one size and colour, and one larger bead of a contrasting colour (traditionally the beads are red coral and green jade).

2. Thread the beads on a 20cm long piece of wire, with the large bead in the centre and the others arranged symmetrically around it, bending the wire into a smooth curve.

3. Wind the ends of the wire around the comb.

That's it, it's that simple!

I placed my comb above a ponytail and also above a bun. I'd also like to try making a butterfly hair ornament from beads and wire.

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