09 June 2014

Card ideas for men

One of my first posts on this blog, back in 2007, was about cards for men, and with Fathers Day coming up I thought it was a good time to revisit the subject and show some more card ideas for men. Although a lot of these cards were made as birthday cards, they are all ideas that could also be used for Fathers Day.

There are more than 20 ideas here, and you'll find lots more cards for both men and women here.

For those cards that have already featured on my blog, I've put a link to them under the picture.

Hobbies and pastimes

Most of the cards that I make, whether for men or women, are based in some way around the person's hobbies, interests, or something that they've recently spent a lot of time doing, whether that be gardening, skiing, building a pond, cycling, or playing golf.
Skiing card
Gardening card
Fish card


Men love their gadgets, don't they! And so do a lot of us women, too, so these cards could be suitable for anyone! Whether it's a smartphone, computer, camera or kindle, you can make a card based on it.
Cameraman card
Desktop card
mp3 player card


If you're looking to make a card for a man who's a keen reader, you could base it on one of his favourite book covers, or the logo of a particular publisher.
The Name of the Wind card


Most men find themselves doing a lot of DIY around the house, so these cards could be appropriate!


Making a card based on a computer game can be a bit fiddly and time-consuming, but I think they make some of the best cards!

Puzzles and word games

I don't know about your Dad, but mine loves Scrabble, crosswords etc, so these are great card ideas for him.


Does the man in your life love a cup of coffee and his favourite chocolate bar? Or maybe he's a fan of a particular brand of notebook? Or a fan of Japanese culture? There are endless ideas for cards for men, the only limit is your imagination!

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