21 February 2009

Miniatures shelf

I'd bought this in a £1 shop in Glasgow a few months ago but wasn't sure what to do with it until I saw this on Ismoyo's blog and from there I saw this on Craft Addictions. I used pink and green patterned papers to match my bedroom. Now I wish that I had bought more of these little houses, and I hope that I can remember which shop I bought them in when I next go to Glasgow (there are a lot of different £1 shops there and I was in them all the day that I bought this!).

I've filled it with lots of little things including a little pink strawberry character that I made, some lovely glass beads, a tiny book I made, and badges by Belle & Boo and Asking for Trouble.

1 comment:

ismoyo said...

So cute! Love what you did, looks like it is tiny! Hope you are able to find more little houses! Glad i could be of some inspiration..

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