16 February 2009

Matchbox madness

I came across a group of people on Flickr devoted to filling matchboxes with tiny objects. They had a challenge to fill a matchbox for Valentine's Day, and although I just found out about it yesterday I decided to have a try myself, since I had decorated the perfect matchbox a few years ago.
The contents of the matchbox are as follows:
1. Butterfly stamp
2. Strawberry stamp
3. Stickers
4. Ribbon bow
5. Sun bead
6. Bird bead in a cage
7. Heart paper fastener
8. Pink paper fastener
9. Jewel paper fastener
10. Shell
11. Necklace clasp
12. Bead
13. Paper clip
14. Miniature spoon
15. Miniature key
16. Jewel eyelet
17. Amethyst chip
18. Heart bead
19. Leaf sequin
20. Apple eyelet
21. Heart eyelet
22. Heart eyelet
23. Polymer clay button
24. Polymer clay button
25. Shell heart
26. Shell heart
27. Shrink plastic heart
28. Shrink plastic heart
29. Polymer clay heart
30. Heart button
31. Ribbon rose
32. Tag from Per Una jeans
33. Tag from Per Una jeans
34. Paper flower
35. Flower clip
36. Bell
37. Feather

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