13 April 2008

Plaisir du chocolat pour moi

Last year I posted about how disappointed I was that the chocolate shop I had intended to visit in Edinburgh, Plaisir du Chocolat, had closed down. However I happened to be reading the Scotsman recently and discovered that they have opened a new shop on Thistle Street.

I visited the shop a few weeks ago and bought myself a tiny box of their four Asian-inspired chocolates, which come in a lovely celadon-green box tied with a brown ribbon. The chocolates themselves are topped with beatiful silk-screened designs.

Fuji Yama
Dark chocolate with Japanese Sencha tea

Dark chocolate, pear pulp and Szechuan pepper

Javanese milk chocolate with Earl Grey tea and bergamot essence

Milk chocolate with Vietnamese green tea and lotus flowers

The lady who served me told me that they are having a Japanese month in May, with chocolate geishas on display, so I will probably go back for another visit then and try some more of their chocolates and some of their tea as well.

My own miniature kokeshi dolls match the designs on the chocolates quite well!


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Now look what you've done! I HAVE to order something. Tea and choclates, my favourite things. Great link.

E-J said...

I had no idea they'd closed down (boo!) and reopened (yay!) I visited the previous premises back in 2006, and what I remember most vividly isn't the chocolate, but the décor ... all the greens and the art déco and the white lilies on every table ... Have they changed?? I long to go back there with my sketchbook.

Emma said...

e-j: They no longer actually have a cafe, it is just a tiny little shop that sells the chocolates and teas and the decor isn't like the old place. I read that the original cafe reopened with new management, so I will have to have a look there sometime and see if they kept the decor.

andrea: I hope you'll draw them if you do get some! I've been meaning to draw mine (from the photos as I couldn't leave the actual chocolates untouched long enough to draw them!).

Helen said...

I'm visiting here and 3 friends and I booked a chocolate tasting at Plaisir du Chocolat for today, July 4, 2008. (Not inexpensive at 35 pounds per person.) When we arrived, we found out that they are closed - they don't have a shop at all any more! I had emailed to confirm our tasting reservations last week, but didn't hear back. Now we realize it's because they closed, and the bad news is that they have our money! Don't you think that's a bit rude of them, not to mention we missed out on the chocolat! If anyone has any information, please email me at hbelletti@hotmail.com Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Helen, sorry to hear that you didnt get your money back I used to work for them but left due to having my daughter last year I am still waiting on a months wages from them, will never get it now the chocolates were lovely they were made by a french man called olivier and his wife vicky ran the melrose shop in which I worked before it went into administration last year think they just went to big to fast good luck in getting your money

Emma said...

I spoke to the woman in the clothes shop next door, to ask if she knew anything about what had happened. She said that they had disappeared quite suddenly - they were there one morning then gone in the afternoon!

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