23 June 2007

Pas du plaisir du chocolat

Today was a pleasurable day, but a little disappointing. I'd decided that today would be the day I would buy myself chocolates from Plaisir du Chocolat, a little chocolaterie on the Royal Mile that I'd been meaning to go to for ages, but I found out yesterday when I tried to look at their website that they had recently closed down. So I treated myself to the above goodies from the Harvey Nichols food hall instead.

The main part of the day, however, was spent at the Edinburgh College of Art degree show. I felt a lot more inspired by this show than the Glasgow one, but perhaps I was too distracted by the Charles Rennie Mackintosh architecture of the Glasgow School of Art. One person whose work I made sure to check out was an old schoolfriend, Fiona McGarva, who was exhibiting her blown glass "spaceships", which were really cool. Fiona was there, and it was great to catch up with what she and some of the other people we were at school with had been up to.

Some of the other work I found inspiring was Celia Richards' sheet music with the notes cut out, which looked beautiful hanging in a window. I also loved a huge painting with buttons attached to the surface, which was by Japanese student Maki Hamada. I also enjoyed looking at all the work by those doing Illustration, in particular Laura Clark.

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