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Welcome to my blog, emuse! I'm Emma, also known as emusing-emma, and the blog got its name from my childhood nickname of Emu!

I live in Scotland and I've been a card maker and paper crafter for as long as I can remember. I started making jewellery and miniatures using polymer clay as a teenager, selling earrings to my school friends from a little tin, and since then I've tried my hand at most crafts and many other hobbies, whether it be building dollshouses, tracing my family tree, writing zines, or, most recently, joining a knitting club and a choir. I set up my blog in 2007 as a way of recording some of the fun things I've made and done, and with the hope of providing creative inspiration to others.

I studied Chemistry and Computer Science at university, and since then I've been working in a job that involves technology and science, so my crafty pursuits are the perfect way to unwind.

I've written a local history book, Old Glenrothes, about the town where I grew up and still live. I'm interested in the idea of finding beauty and history in your environment, wherever it may be, and a lot of my photos are of decay and demolition!

One of my main creative influences is Japanese design and culture (read more here about my interest in Japan), but I'm also interested in retro style, Scandinavian style, Art Nouveau, Shaker style, and the illustrations in old children's books.  

I've got a real DIY attitude towards most things in life, from cutting my own hair to upcycling items that I find at car boot sales and in charity shops, and I've got a head (and many notebooks) bursting full of crafty ideas. So I love creating all the original content on emuse, illustrated by my own photos and drawings. I'm going to have a lot more tutorials and crafty projects on my blog in the upcoming months, so I hope emuse can be your muse!

To find out more about me, check out my FAQ page, or why not have a look at these popular posts:


Melody said...

Hi there!
I love your blog. I, too, am a crafter - but not nearly as good as you! I've lived in Japan for about seven years now, and crafting here is quite fun! All the cool fabrics and different washi tapes are really neat!

Thank for sharing your makes and tutuorials. You are amazing :)

Love and hugs from Japan!

Emma said...

Thank you so much! It must be wonderful to live in Japan with all the cute craft items. Keep crafting :)

Melody said...

Just like any place, Japan has its super points, and then its not so super points. But I'm still here!

And if you're ever in want of some more washi tape, "kawaii" fabric, or anything else, japanese-y just let me know!

Ellie Tennant said...

Thank you for your lovely book review. Your comment about the consistent style throughout has made me so happy! All the best, Ellie

Emma said...

Thank you, Ellie! It's a gorgeous book and so inspiring!

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